How to Stake Locked Tokens

Staking allows you to earn rewards and income from your assets!

Holders of locked tokens get opportunities that will make even a small investment worthwhile! You will be able to stake tokens to get a Kaizen Priority Pass, the unique pass to Kaizen ecosystem.

Note. To learn more about eKZEN, please read the What Are eKZEN Tokens!

Holders and stakers of locked tokens will also be incentivized with allocations in partner projects launched using the Kaizen platform and will get a chance to buy tokens before they hit the market.

How to Stake Locked Tokens

You can use MetaMask or any WalletConnect compatible wallets. In this guide, we will use the step-by-step instructions for MetaMask.

To stake locked tokens:

1. Go to

2. On the webpage, select between BSC or Polygon networks:

3. Click Connect Wallet.

4. Click MetaMask in the pop-up window.

5. Click Next in the MetaMask browser extension.

6. Click Connect.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to pay a transaction fee.

7. Click Stake on the staking page.

How to check balance in your wallet?

To see the total number of tokens in your wallet, connect your wallet. Once connected, Kaizen.Finance will display the number next to the Stake button.

8. In the β€œStake funds” dialog window, (1) specify the amount of locked tokens you want to stake, and (2) click Stake.

9. In the β€œConfirm Stake” dialog window, click Confirm Stake.

10. To approve the operation, in your MetaMask wallet, click Confirm.

11. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

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