Transaction Filtering and Wallet Blacklisting

Guard your sales, shield your community, protect the projects' reputation.

One of the core features of Kaizen's security services is the ability to blacklist malicious wallets.

The platform tracks, collects, and analyzes real-time exchange transaction data from various sources on all supported blockchains. This enables it to identify suspicious wallets and block malicious activity as soon as it is detected.

By blacklisting wallets historically involved in or associated with shady dealing, Kaizen helps to guard your sales, shield your community, and protect the reputation of your project.

Moreover, the platform's advanced algorithms are capable of precisely singling out and blacklisting scammer and hacker wallets while ensuring genuine buyers are not wrongly blocked.

As a project, you remain in control and can proactively manually block wallet address or unblock at will.

Kaizen's token security services offer an essential layer of protection against cyber attacks, making it a reliable choice for any token issuer looking to protect their project and ensure its long-term success.

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