💸Staking and Rewards

Create staking offerings, encourage your investors with compelling rewards.

With Kaizen.Finance you can create staking offerings to encourage token holders to hold on to their tokens for longer.

These offerings can be designed to provide compelling rewards ranging from fixed percentage of additional tokens, to unique LP-staking opportunities, and even to NFT rewards.

Kaizen platform offers a range of customizable staking options that can be tailored to your specific needs and your community. You can customize staking duration, reward structure, and staking requirements to create an offering that is both attractive and beneficial.

Types of staking

Here are the types of staking offerings you can create with Kaizen:

  • Fixed

    Token holders stake their token for a fixed amount of time to receive a fixed APR.

  • Floating

    Offer a fixed daily reward that is distributed among a floating number of staking participants resulting in a floating APY.

  • Staking with NFT rewards

    Distribute a fixed number of NFT rewards among top stakers after a set period of time. This can be combined with fixed of floating staking offerings for added incentive.

  • LP-staking

    Encourage participants to provide liquidity to a target DEX pool to receive liquidity provider rewards. Further incentiveze participants by providing them with dedicated LP-tokens, which can be staked for additional rewards


In addition, Kaizen platform provides a range of tools and analytics to help you monitor and manage the performance of your staking offerings. This includes real-time data on staking activity, reward distributions, and overall performance, allowing you to optimize offerings and improve community engagement.

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