Token Management Panel

Monitor your token through a dedicated token management panel.

Kaizen.Finance offers a comprehensive management dashboard that provides a range of tools and settings to help you comprehensively monitor and manage your token.

Using the token management panel, you can get a complete overview of your token, including detailed statistics and staking data. This can help your decision-making and provide insights into the performance of your token.

One key feature of the management dashboard is the ability to customize the vesting schedule for each individual sale round. This can help ensure that tokens are distributed in a fair and transparent manner, and that investors are incentivized to hold onto their tokens.

In addition to vesting schedules, the management dashboard can also be used to edit or add new wallet lists. This can be useful for managing token distribution and ensuring that tokens are only distributed to verified investors.

Other features of the management panel include the ability to view and manage all processes associated with the token, as well as to access advanced built-in settings to fine-tune the tokenomics and ensure that the token operates as intended.

Kaizen's token management panel has proven to be an invaluable token administration tool for many of our customers.

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