šŸ“ŠToken Vesting and Distribution

Manage the distribution of your tokens with vesting schedule, release time, and cliff period settings.

Alongside the actual sale of your token exists a responsibility of equal importance ā€“ ensuring that investors, organizations or individual token sale participants receive their tokens. Fairly, transparently and on time.

Token distribution process and your ability to adhere to agreed token vesting schedule is critical to investor perception of your project as a whole and it can directly impact the success of your project.

A generally established fact is that it is better to have the project distribute directly to investors through a project-controlled page instead of, say, a third-party launchpad.

Direct communication enables transparency and trust, as well as protects you from potential technical issues or ā€“ what's much worse ā€“ an untimely or unfair token release. An additional benefit of a direct project-investor approach to distribution also means you can provide additional offers such as incentivising investors to stake to reduce selling pressure.

Vesting and Distribution

Kaizen provides a unique and efficient solution for managing the distribution of your tokens to investors.

The platform allows you to easily create a vesting schedule and ensure its terms upheld through the use of smart contracts.

Vesting schedule is a predetermined timeline for releasing tokens to individual stakeholders or investors. This schedule can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual or organization and can be customized to suit different tokens. After you are done entering your desired values and designated dates, a dedicated smart contract will be created for your token with vesting schedule terms included in it.

Kaizen also gives you the option to take advantage of its unique approach to locked tokens.

With Kaizen, you have the option to make your locked token stakable and tradable. This opens up new opportunities for both investors and your project in terms of selling pressure and token management at no negative impact on the value of your token.

Overall, Kaizen Finance's vesting schedule and distribution features provide a comprehensive solution for improving market confidence, managing risks, and improving token stability.

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