Staking Page

Control the staking of your token with a dedicated staking page.

Once your offerings are set and done, staking page is your next logical point of interest.

By default, your staking offerings will appear in a dedicated staking section of your project on Kaizen's website.

The page contains all the necessary staking information presented in a clear and simple manner that both seasoned and new token holders can easily understand. However, if you have strategic marketing needs or simply looking to put your own flare on your staking offering, Kaizen offers a custom solution as a part of its Kaizen Labs services.

Custom Staking Page

Similarly to sale and claim pages, you can create a dedicated staking page on your website to take control over the staking experience.

With a custom solution your possibilities for customization are nearly endless.

This approach allows you to have complete control over the staking process of your token, and the ability to incentivize token holders to stake their tokens instead of unlocking and selling them. A custom page also means you can encourage stakers to explore your project more, do research, browse other offerings and more.

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