Market Making Services

Mitigate sharp price shifts and reduce spread between trading pairs.

Why Do You Need Market Making?

When left unattended, new token price charts runs the risk getting out of control and beginning to look unattractive to retail investors.

Market making manages liquidity in such a way that a trading pair receives healthy trading activity reflected in its chart. It involves buying and selling tokens to maintain liquidity and ensure that buyers and sellers can easily trade with each other. It also helps maintain depth chart balances and overall orderbook activity.

The main components of market making include spread management, liquidity provision and volume management.

What Makes Kaizen Market Making Unique?

Kaizen Finance's market making mechanisms are powered by advanced algorithms, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge technology to manage your token's market dynamics.

Kaizen consistently monitors buying and selling pressures and analyzes organic activity. With this information readily available at your dashboard, Kaizen enables you to make data-driven decisions, fine-tune your market making, and enhance other business activities.

By analyzing real-time data, you can mitigate sharp price shifts, reduce the spread between trading pairs, and stimulate order book volume.

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