Learn how Kaizen.Finance services helped The Internet of Energy Network.

The Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) is an organization that uses a new digital currency and protocols to build scalable software-defined grids, connecting all energy devices to work with each other.

IOEN’s mission is to create and deliver digital infrastructure through blockchain and Holochain technologies. IOEN is in constant interaction with other companies, setting agreements with TrustSwap and TrustPad. IOEN was the second project to cooperate with Kaizen Finance, following Kaizen’s recent partnership with Weld.Money.

β€œKaizen.Finance is thrilled to work with IOEN and assist their mission of utilizing blockchain technology to create the infrastructure for the future of energy.” β€” shared Evgen Verzun, CEO of Kaizen Finance.

Kaizen used its extensive array of management tools to support the fundamentals of the $IOEN ecosystem, and assisted its first steps towards distribution, staking, governance and creation of local credits. All this functionality was simplified to make the project more focused on global goals.

How Partnering With Kaizen.Finance Benefitted IOEN

The automatization of Kaizen.Finance enabled IOEN to generate a smart contract without writing a single line of code.

β€œThrough Kaizen Finance, successful $IOEN purchasers were able to receive immediate benefits joining the IOEN ecosystem of tiered discounts, exclusive opportunities, and access to staking with up to 100% APY. Partnering with Kaizen Finance enabled us to create immediate staking benefits for our earliest supporters.” β€” Adam Bumpus, CEO And Co-Founder of IOEN.

Collateralized tokens, which represent the ownership claim to $IOEN tokens and the future value locked in smart contracts, were distributed to investor wallets right away. These tokens were available for staking to earn passive interest. This gave clean energy adopters and the crypto community an opportunity to get additional revenue.

Kaizen Finance helped IOEN effectively coordinate energy, create a secure, reliable, and scalable microgrid to unlock the opportunity for more renewable energy.

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