Compliance and KYC

Perform mandatory verification procedures to evaluate potential risks.

Compliance is a big deal, especially in crypto. New regulations are out on what feels like daily basis and it has become a necessity to have the right set of tools to be able to precisely configure your sales to meet such regulations.

The capability and features of Kaizen.Finance can help perform all the needed verifications to help meets compliance requirements and reduce or eliminate associated risks.

Kaizen Verification Capabilities

Kaizen.Finance's verification procedures and user onboarding process can help to ensure a fair and transparent token sale process while also maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring the security of the process.

Using Kaizen.Finance you can:

  • Enable KYC check for the sale in a single click

  • Blacklist participants from certain unsupported regions that are ineligible for the sale

  • Set minimum age requirement to participate in the sale

  • Manually add wallet addresses that will be blocked from accessing the token sale

  • Perform residence and liveness checks

  • Prevent KYC fraud

Such features allow to reliably gather and approve lists of participants for token offerings and prevent fraudulent accounts from accessing sales. The verification process typically involves gathering identifying information from participants, such as their name, address, and government-issued identification.

Completed KYC verification can also be used to access the sales, which means participants only need to pass it once.

In addition to regulatory compliance, the platform also offers a user-friendly onboarding process for sale participants.

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