Kaizen supports collectors and artists in NFT creation while promoting accessibility of investments in fine arts.

HOFA Gallery represents acclaimed painters, sculptors, photographers and multidisciplinary artists from all over the world including China, Korea, America, Italy, France, Argentina and Australia amongst many others.

HOFA chose Kaizen Finance to host the public sale of its own protocol, Artem (ARTEM), which supports collectors and artists in NFT creation. HOFA Gallery has been interested in the NFT landscape for quite a long time and has hit a couple of milestones in the blockchain industry.

From becoming the first gallery in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, available in over 20 different cryptocurrencies in partnership with Uphold exchange, HOFA launched a novel tokenized exhibition, promoting exceptional talent and cultural reverberance.

HOFA also offered its native ARTEM token in mid January from CEXs to raise liquidity and foster a novel model for consensus participation by stakeholders, one which enabled investors to participate directly in the project.

Kaizen's Mission

With a mission to reconceptualize the future of crypto tokens and blockchain projects, Kaizen Finance is focused on featuring the best works of the HOFA Gallery and supporting its token to the best potential.

While featuring a multitude of artistic disciplines and ascending new frontiers in the crypto industry, Kaizen Finance integrated its unique features into the ARTEM launch. The locked ARTEM tokens were distributed to users' wallets. These locked tokens were available for staking.

Another great example of Kaizen's contribution to the community is an initial NFT offering (INO) of Scotty Beam which was held in December. Scotty Beam is a cross-chain NFT teleporter, whose token was also launched by Kaizen.Finance.

In a nutshell, founders and artists can focus on the creative aspect of their projects, while Kaizen provides extensive technical support to their NFTs and tokens. Kaizen Finance aims to set a gold standard that will help projects like ARTEM scale up and grow exponentially while fulfilling the needs of investors - a standard that is primed to redefine the crypto space.

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