A stable way to generate more passive income with Kaizen.Finance.

All types of Kaizen tokens are eligible for staking, with potential annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 25%, depending on the token and staking duration.

Additionally, if you stake a sufficient amount of tokens, you can obtain a Kaizen Priority Pass. This pass allows you to participate in the initial rounds of sales for projects launched by Kaizen!

By staking more tokens you can achieve a higher Kaizen Pass Tier, unlocking even more benefits.

Kaizen.Finance also provides you with an opportunity to become a liquidity provider.

LP staking is an income generating tool that allows you to double your rewards by matching your KZEN stake with BUSD. During a period of the bear market, LP staking especially looks appealing.

LP staking gives you a portion in the whole liquidity pool and a share in all KZEN trading fees on Pancakeswap! This is a unique way to earn rewards and dramatically increase your ROI.

To start staking Kaizen tokens, please refer to the user guides section of this Gitbook!

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