๐Ÿ”“Locked Tokens

Explaining the purpose and utility of locked tokens.

KZEN locked tokens are a part of Kaizen.Financeโ€™s first-ever token lifecycle management platform.

The real value of the Kaizenโ€™s locked tokens is their ability to be staked by the platformโ€™s investors. Currently, there are two types of locked tokens that are represented on Kaizenโ€™s platform:

  • xKZEN โ€” IDO(s) KZEN Locked

  • eKZEN โ€” Community Sale KZEN Locked

Holders and stakers of locked tokens are incentivized with allocations in partner-projects launching using the Kaizen platform and get a chance to buy their tokens before they hit the market. The more you stake - the more token bonus allocations you'll get.

If you stake KZEN locked tokens for three months, you get a three month access to allocations of the project tokens, which they offer during private sale rounds.

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