Liquidity Pool Management

Create smart contracts to ensure your pools receive sufficient and timely supply of liquidity.

Liquidity pools play a critical role in the functioning and successful trading of your token. Well-timed liquidity adding, locking, and, in general, managing strategies are essential to maintaining healthy market conditions. Kaizen can help you with all of your liquidity needs.

Liquidity Lock

Liquidity locking is exactly what it sounds like – it is a practice of locking a portion of liquidity is in the pool for a predetermined amount of time. A locked pool helps to safeguard investor interests.

Liquidity lock is needed for proper functioning of token swapping, lending and other activities. Locking liquidity also reduces the risk of rug pulls, ensuring project owners cannot drain the pool at will.

Kaizen helps you lock liquidity in a matter of few clicks when adding liquidity to the DEX. All you need is to check the mark, set lock period, and provide smart contract address of liquidity lock.

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