📄Token Generation Event and Listing

List your token on the world’s leading centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Listing and TGE are, arguably, the most critical events to the success of any token. Moreover, the fact that these events, historically, often fall on the same date makes them an even more challenging feat.

Kaizen.Finance offers expert guidance and assistance to help you with token generation and listing on exchanges:

  1. DEX listing automation.

Using smart contracts, you can completely automate your DEX listings and ensure perfect timing. It also enables you to schedule listings at several DEXes simultaneously.

  1. CEX listing assistance.

With Kaizen's vast industry connections and partnerships, you can fast track you connection to key managers and listing figures. Our listing experts will help develop and present a comprehensive listing strategy to aid you in making the right impression.

  1. Listing on scanners and price-tracking platforms

Kaizen can help you get the information about your coin out there and put it on more people's radar. We assist with listing on blockchain scanners and highly-referenced price-tracking websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and others.

  1. Additional support

Kaizen also offers additional support for your token during at TGE, which includes creating a comprehensive marketing plan, fostering the community around the token, and raising awareness among potential investors. Our experts can help you navigate the complex world of exchanges, providing guidance on which exchanges are the best fit for your token.

Once your token is listed on exchanges, managing liquidity becomes critical. Kaizen can help you develop a liquidity management plan that ensures there is sufficient liquidity available for trading while maintaining the stability of the token's value.

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