Smart Contract Audit

Use audited smart contracts to prove quality and security of your token.

Audits from renowned auditing companies serve as a proof that the token contract's code is of high quality and security. They are critical to not only win community and investor trust, but can be submitted as evidence to launchpads, investors, and centralized or decentralized exchanges as well.

Kaizen.Finance's smart contracts have been audited by industry experts at CertiK and DeusSec.

With Kaizen's advanced token creation, there is no need for additional security audits.

When creating your token with Kaizen, you are using a dedicated throughly audited smart contract configured with custom values and your specific requirements to fit your token. This allows you to ensure the integrity and security of your token as well as protection against associated ecosystem risks, potential threats, and malicious activities.

However, if your circumstances require an additional security audit, we offer exclusive conditions. To take advantage of those, please contact

Your commitment to smart contract security and quality helps to build trust and confidence among users, investors, and other stakeholders, leading to greater adoption and growth of the token and its associated ecosystem.

Additionally, all of Kaizen.Finance's services undergo smart contract audits, ensuring that all tools and services provided to you are of the highest quality and security.

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