Find about how Kaizen helped a FinTech company hold a token pre-sale.

Weld Money is a promising fintech project, which develops a cryptocurrency payment card service, so people could pay for their regular daily expenses with crypto.

On September 8th, Weld held a pre-sale of its token using the Kaizen.Finance platform.

It was a big event not only for Weld and its community, but for the crypto industry overall. For the first time ever, tokens could be sold in a locked form, but were available for different financial operations. There were other benefits earlier unseen in the industry:

Immediate distibution to investor wallets

Kaizen enabled a smooth and secure launch of WELD tokens and managed their distribution to investor wallets right away. Investors were guaranteed to receive tokens automatically through the use of smart contracts.

Easy unlock

Investors could either use locked tokens or just hold them. An unlock schedule was embedded into a locked token. With Kaizen Finance, unlocked WELD tokens could be easily and quickly claimed per unlock schedule.

Locked token utility

With Kaizen.Finance, locked tokens were available for:

  • Participation in the Weld ecosystem investor bonus programs;

  • Staking, which could generate extra interest from Weld;

  • Other options, which were available to the members of Weld community.

To summarize, investors could benefit from locked tokens and get extra profit.

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