💰Token Sale

Easily set up a token sale, customize its stages and meet all legal requirements!

Creating your token is an important first step and it is critical to get it right from the start. The next step is actually selling that token and getting it in the hands of your investors.

At Kaizen, we are providing a complete and comprehensive selection of services and tools that can help you do just that – create a token sale based on your specific requirements and get your token into the hands of your investors.

Token Sale

When creating a token sale with Kaizen you can expect to:

  • Create a token sale that perfectly follows your specific requirements

  • Run necessary KYC procedures and onboard participants that fit your whitelisting requirements

  • Comply with all SEC fundraising policies

  • Introduce special conditions for each of your sales

  • Have your sale with 0% raise fee

You can also order a custom sale page for your website from Kaizen Labs services

The platform offers two sale models: lottery or FCFS (first come, first served).

The lottery model can be used to provide an equal chance for all participants to purchase tokens, while the FCFS model can be used to reward early adopters and incentivize buyers to act quickly.


In addition to the creation of the sale itself, the Kaizen platform also provides the ability to do a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) check and participant whitelisting. This helps to ensure regulatory compliance and provides a layer of security to the token sale process.

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