Token Sale Page

Create and deploy a dedicated 0%-raise-fee page on your website.

When you are done creating a token sale using Kaizen.Finance, your sale will become available on your dedicated project page on the Kaizen.Finance website.

This page will enable you begin selling your token to your community as well as appear among sales from other projects getting some spotlight from the Kaizen community.

However, if you are looking to have your sale take place on your website, Kaizen offers custom development as a part of its Kaizen Labs service package.

Custom Token Sale Page

With Kaizen.Finance, you can create and deploy a dedicated page on your website. This service will enable you to take advantage of Kaizen's token creation while delivering a custom experience tailored to the needs of your community.

Our clients typically choose custom sale to:

  • Get more visits to their project website

  • Ensure the sale page is in line with project's design language

  • Take advantage of the sale to educate the community about the project

  • Promote other offerings to their existing community (such as staking)

In addition to the sale page you can also order custom token claim page which will drive customers to engage with your website when claiming their purchased tokens.

Both options enable you to view detailed statistics and analytics, manage participant whitelisting and KYC verification, and customize vesting schedules for different investment rounds.

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