Frontrun Protection

Ensure that your token listing, community, and overall project are safeguarded against malicious actors who seek to profit unlawfully.

Frontrunning Attack

Frontrunning is a form market manipulation which involves attackers using transaction information to place and push their trading order ahead of other market participants (hence the name), with the goal of manipulating asset's price to profit at the expense of other investors.

Frontrunning exploits the process of adding transactions to the blockchain distributed ledger and provides unfair advantage. It leads to investor loss, which, as a result, leads to loss of trust for the project in general. Besides undermining confidence, it incurs potential monthly losses of up to $10,000.

"Sandwich" attack

A "sandwich" attack is a form of frontrunning that targets a specific transaction. It involves "sandwiching" an investor's transaction in between the two attacker transactions.

After identifying a victim in mempool, the attacker places two trading orders, before and after the chosen transaction. The first transaction is placed with the same swap to drive the price upwards creating higher price slippage. Upon execution of victim's transaction, the second attacker transaction swaps the assents back to secure profit.

Some victims have been recorded to be drained for 14 ETH.

Kaizen Solution

Kaizen’s Frontrunning Protection enables you to take proactive measures to prevent and stop frontrunning attacks on your token and your investors.

With Kaizen solution enabled, there have been 0 recorded cases of successful frontrunning attempts. It boasts a perfect 100% protection score as seen on dextools.

Kaizen helps mitigate risks, protect your reputation, maintain the trust and interests of your community and investors, and prevent them from being coerced into paying artificially inflated prices for your tokens.

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