Token Claim Page

Create a branded claim page to deliver tokens and connect with your investors.

Another important aspect you will need to consider when selling your token to investors is how you are going to approach delivery.

You can, of course, airdrop them, but in our experience that solution does not work for everyone. At Kaizen, every project gets their dedicated page where investors and sale participants can come and claim their purchased tokens themselves at a convenient time. The claim page is both functional and secure, enabling your community to quickly find and effortlessly claim their token.

Custom Claim Page

For projects that seek to provide a natural look-and-feel of their brand that follows their established style guidelines Kaizen offers custom claim page services.

Custom page can help build brand recognition and trust among investors. In addition to branding, claim page can be used to promote relevant proposals and rewards to encourage investors and the community to participate in the token ecosystem. By offering incentives and rewards for holding onto tokens instead of immediately selling or unlocking them, token issuers can help to increase engagement and build a stronger community around their tokens.

With Kaizen you can create a branded claim page on your website to directly communicate with investors and maximize engagement.

The claim page can also be used to provide important information and updates to investors, such as news about upcoming events, changes in the tokenomics, and other relevant announcements.

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