eKZEN Tokens

Everything you need to know about the eKZEN tokens.

Token name: KZEN Locked

Symbol: eKZEN

Offering: Kaizen Community Sale

Blockchains: BSC, Polygon

Token Address in BSC an Polygon: 0x455B75A6DCF86e700B020765DFbcbE7D4A3b73f5

Vesting terms: 0% on TGE + monthly unlock over the 12-month period

Benefits: Could be staked before TGE

What Is eKZEN?

As you know, Kaizen.Finance is a platform that offers a suite of features and services for token creation and management. One of Kaizenโ€™s stand out benefits is the ability to trade locked tokens through the use of collateralized tokens.

However, collateralized token is more of an umbrella term used to describe the technology. For simplicityโ€™s sake, Kaizenโ€™s tokens that use this technology are referred to as KZEN locked tokens.

KZEN locked tokens distributed to Kaizen's community sale participants are called eKZEN.

$eKZEN are separate tokens and therefore they can be staked. If eKZEN tokens change hands, the claim to KZEN tokens is transferred with them. Instead of holding KZEN tokens back after the purchase and only distributing them to you in portions when they unlock, eKZEN tokens are sent to you immediately after the sale, ensuring you will get your KZEN tokens in due time.

Staking of eKZEN tokens unlocks access to benefits exclusive to KZEN locked tokens. So you should probably consider holding on to eKZEN tokens to get all benefits instead of unlocking KZEN.

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