xKZEN Tokens

Everything you need to know about xKZEN tokens.

Token name: KZEN X Locked

Symbol: xKZEN

Token Address on Solana: G1B6TwvfotwX4eVY7pcP6SDyZRGiTPwnKAL3bexi72WN

Token Address on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon: 0xAA0E058E84B7e0008fac3e35Ae5954C3Af224bB6

IDO Offerings: Solstarter, InfinityPad, LavaX, Synapse, TrustPad

Blockchains: Solana, BSC, Polygon

Vesting schedule: 10% at TGE, monthly release for 12 months

Benefits: Could be staked before TGE

What Is xKZEN?

KZEN locked tokens distributed to Kaizen IDO participants are called xKZEN.

KZEN locked tokens (xKZEN) reflect the value of your KZEN tokens which you get according to the vesting schedule. $xKZEN are separate tokens and therefore they can be staked. If xKZEN change hands, the claim to KZEN tokens is transferred with them.

Instead of holding KZEN tokens back after purchase and only distributing them to you in portions when they unlock, xKZEN tokens are sent to you immediately after sale ensuring you will get your KZEN tokens in due time.

Staking of xKZEN tokens unlocks access to benefits exclusive to xKZEN.


To unlock the true value of xKZEN tokens, Kaizen.Finance offers its users an opportunity to stake xKZEN.

  • Staking with xKZEN allows you to receive awards and produce additional revenue from your stake assets for a certain time.

  • Holders and stakers of xKZEN are rewarded with allocations in partner projects debuting on the Kaizen's platform, as well as the opportunity to purchase their tokens before they go public.

What makes the staking feature of Kaizen stunningly attractive is its accessibility and simplicity - the more months you stake, the more token bonus allocations you get. For example, if you stake xKZEN for one month, you get one-month access to allocations of the token’s projects, which they offer during private sale rounds.

Note. To learn more xKZEN staking, read our Guide on How to Stake xKZEN on the Solana Blockchain.

Please be aware that on Solana, after you unlock 10% of your KZEN tokens on TGE, the remaining 90% of your $xKZEN will have to be burned and minted again as part of the Kaizen.Finance ecosystem. This technical detail is specific to the Solana blockchain.

You will still be able to check your $xKZEN balance on the Kaizen.Finance website.

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