Tokenomics and Token Utility Advisory

Create tokenomics that ensure lasting success and meets investor, community, and project goals.

Tokenomics refers to the design of a token's economic system, including its supply, distribution, lockup periods, and utility. Kaizen advisors work with you to help design tokenomics that will align with your project goals, maximize the value of your token, as well as meet investor and community expectations.

We will assist with the design and implementation of token utility advising on industry's best practices, proven approaches, and drawing on our vast advisory experience in the field.

Why You'd Want Advisory on Tokenomics and Utility?

When designing tokenomincs, there are, typically, three key players, or rather their goals and expectations, that need to keep in mind: the investors, the community, and the project itself.

The challenge lies in keeping the balance:

  • As a project you, first, want to stay in control of your token and see it succeed. Naturally, next, you want to ensure the longevity of that success.

  • Investors want to have perfect initial conditions to invest and, then, get the returns.

  • Project's community wants proper retail investor access. They also expect you to protect them from early investors who got their tokens before them and have price advantage.

Your tokenomics and utility will also be your key to passing rigorous due diligence when approaching VCs and accelerators.

Proper tokenomics ensures the selling pressure is limited and well-managed while sufficient buying pressure is promoted by means of token utility.

Kaizen advisors will help you design tokenomics and token utility to ensure its future success. Advisors will remain with you until 100% completion.

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