How to Earn on LP Staking

Provide liquidity to the trading pool and earn rewards in tokens.

Just when you thought you couldn’t have any more money making opportunities provided by Kaizen, we bring yo your attention the possibility of becoming a Liquidity Provider (LP) on PancakeSwap! Get LP tokens and stake them for up to 100% APR in KZEN tokens!

How does it work? It can be summarized in 3 easy steps:

  • Contribute your KZEN and BUSD

  • Get LP tokens

  • Stake LP tokens

We want to emphasize that LP provides you a portion in the whole liquidity pool and a share in all KZEN trading fees on Pancakeswap! This is a unique way to earn double rewards and dramatically increase your investment returns.

Stakers of KZEN tokens could potentially match their KZEN staking with a stable asset, thus doubling the summed value of the stake.

If you stake $1000 worth of KZEN and match it with $1000 in BUSD, you will earn APR for $2000 worth and you’ll get the Tier in Kaizen LaunchBooster corresponding to $2000 staked!

How to Get LP Tokens

!IMPORTANT! Please note that the following instructions are for the Binance Smart Chain network. To stake your KZEN in Ethereum network: Move your KZEN tokens from the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana networks to Ethereum using Kaizen Bridge.

1. Go to

2. On the page, click Get LP tokens.

3. Connect your wallet to Kaizen.Finance.

Once you have connected your wallet, you can start funding the liquidity pool.

4. In the Get Liquidity Pool Token window, specify the amount of both KZEN and BUSD. Before proceeding with the liquidity contributing, you need to approve the KZEN and BUSD transactions.

When you specified the amount of liquidity tokens, click Approve to confirm the transaction.

5. To confirm your liquidity supply, click Confirm.

6. Wait for transaction confirmation.

7. When both of the transactions are approved, Kaizen will display the amount of LP tokens you will receive.

Note. Please note that the number of LP tokens is calculated from the ratio of the number of tokens you deposited, both KZEN and BUSD.

Congratulations! You’ve just become the liquidity provider of the KZEN/BUSD liquidity pool on Pancakeswap.

Now you can stake your LP tokens on Kaizen.Finance and get incredibly generous interest for your liquidity.

How to Stake LP-tokens

After you’ve submitted the liquidity providing transaction, you will be redirected to Kaizen.Finance, where you can stake your LP tokens.

1. On the Kaizen’ LP Token Staking page, click Connect Wallet.

2. Select MetaMask. In the MetaMask window, click Next, and then click Connect.

Before proceeding with the staking, you need to confirm the transactions. Transaction confirmation consists of two steps: in the first step, you approve the staking; in the second stage, you grant Kaizen permission to stake your lpKZEN tokens.

3. In the staking dialogue window, specify the amount of your LP tokens, and click Stake. We recommend specifying the maximum amount of staking for you to get the higher interest.

4. In the MetaMask window, click Confirm for MetaMask to approve the transaction.

5. Wait for the transaction to be processed.

6. When the transaction is completed, click Сonfirm to approve the LP tokens deposit at Kaizen.Finance.

7. In the MetaMask window, click Confirm for MetaMask to approve the transaction.

8. Wait for the transaction to be processed.

9. Wait until your transaction has been processed, and then click Close.

Congratulations! You’ve just staked your lpKZEN tokens.


When you make transactions in different blockchains, you can encounter some difficulties. Here you can find the solutions and our recommendations to solve the specific issue you may face.

1. A network rejects transactions, or transactions cannot be completed.

In 90% of all cases this happens when there is no base token in the network where the operation is performed — for BSC it is BNB, for Polygon it is MATIC, and so on.

You see is by the following message: “Blockchain reverted the transaction for [wallet address number] wallet address”


In the Confirm tokens deposit window, once again, click the CONFIRM button once again and wait for the transaction to be fully completed.

2. Transactions take a long time to complete.

You have to wait at least 2 minutes before the transaction is completed.

Long waits to complete transactions may be due to the fact that the cost of gas fees required to complete the transaction at the time of the transaction may have changed and gone up and you may have specified low gas. All of this causes the transaction to take a very long time to complete.


To check if a transaction is executed or not, you can do two things:

a) In the Transaction Processing dialogue window, click the “See Transaction link:

b) Wait for the transaction to be fully executed, and then check your wallet.

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