Distribution of Tokens

Distribute vested tokens among investors with an easy-to-use solution.

One of Kaizen's defining features is its unique approach to handling of tokens and distribution to investors.

What makes Kaizen's vesting unique?

  1. Investors get their tokens immediately after sale. Kaizen's approach allows for distribution of tokens into the hands of investors immediately after the sale. With Kaizen, you can generate tradable tokens (e.g. $xKZEN) which will represent ownership claim to locked tokens (e.g. $KZEN) and reflect their value.

  2. Locked tokens can have unique ecosystem utility. Projects are free to assign additional utility to tradable locked token within the economy of the project to incentivize investors to hold them instead of unlocking. Such tokens can be staked to receive premium rewards, unique discounts, exclusive perks within the project ecosystem.

  3. Everything is securely managed by smart contracts. Each token sale round is represented by corresponding locked token contract. All smart contracts are audited and verified to meet industry's highest security standards. Both investors and projects feel safe knowing everything functions transparently and fairly.

The approach employed by Kaizen.Finance helps minimize errors and reduce discrepancies in the distribution process. It ensures that investors can trust the distribution is being done in a fair and secure manner.

By offering a streamlined and secure distribution process for locked tokens, Kaizen.Finance can help to improve investor confidence and strengthen your project's market presence.

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