DEX Listing

Prevent common mistakes and ensure smooth and secure listing of your token.

DEX listing is essentially a creation of a new token trading pair and providing sufficient liquidity for it for the market to trade. While the notion is simple enough to understand, execution is known to require experience and nuanced knowledge for a smooth listing. Kaizen offers both, helping you properly list your token and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

With Kaizen you can automate the process of listing your token and creating a liquidity pool on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, or ApeSwap, v2 or v3.

How It Works

All it takes is for you to provide your token and the token it will be trading against (i.e. USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.) in a suitable ratio that helps achieve your target listing price. It then becomes the matter of setting the listing time and letting the audited contract to automatically do its job and add your liquidity at the selected time.

Important note: Tokens are usually attacked by snipers at the same specific block that liquidity was added, so make sure you have token protection in place.

Other services

Kaizen.Finance also provides professional configuration for DEX market makers. This is important for ensuring that the token is correctly priced and has sufficient liquidity to meet the demand.

Developing and executing comprehensive price and volume strategies can also help maximize the token's value and minimize the selling pressure.

In addition, Kaizen.Finance helps issuers create selling pressure reduction strategies to control the price of their token. This can be achieved by implementing mechanisms such as vesting schedules or staking rewards, which incentivize holders to hold onto their tokens for longer.

From anti-sniping and frontrunning protection to market maker configuration and selling pressure reduction strategies, Kaizen.Finance provides the support needed to ensure a successful listing.

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